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Numerical simulations of the strong nuclear force, known as quantum chromodynamics or QCD, have proven to be a demanding, forefront problem in high-performance computing. In this report, we describe a new computer, QCDOC (QCD On a Chip), designed for optimal price/performance in the study of QCD. QCDOC uses a six-dimensional, low-latency mesh network to(More)
The 3D correlation imaging for gravity and gravity gradiometry data provides a rapid approach to the equivalent estimation of objective bodies with different density contrasts in the subsurface. The subsurface is divided into a 3D regular grid, and then a cross correlation between the observed data and the theoretical gravity anomaly due to a point mass(More)
The limitations in general methods to evaluate clustering will remain difficult to overcome if verifying the clustering validity continues to be based on clustering results and evaluation index values. This study focuses on a clustering process to analyze crisp clustering validity. First, we define the properties that must be satisfied by valid clustering(More)
There are two types of three-dimensional (3D) magnetic inversion methods based on the classification of the inversion result, one is the inversion approach that determines a 3D susceptibility distribution that produces a given magnetic anomaly, and the other is to inverse the source distribution in a purely probabilistic sense, in which the inversion(More)
Induction is a logical method to understand things, however, induction often can't sufficient reflect the necessity and the regularity of things, so it needs to be complemented by deduction. The traditional clustering algorithms add the categories based on the data itself, so these approaches can be considered as the induction methods. And in order to avoid(More)
For datasets contained multi interrelated tables, multi-relational clustering divides target objects into clusters according to their attributes and features of objects related to them directly or indirectly. Due to the actual business, all target objects don't exist information in every nontarget relation, so target objects may be described by information(More)
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