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A novel infrared (IR) and visible image fusion method based on nonsubsampled contourlet transform (NSCT) and fuzzy logic is proposed. Input IR and visible images are decomposed into a series of low frequency and high frequency subbands by using NSCT. The degree of membership to the background and the target for each pixel in the low frequency subband of the(More)
The development of the dual-band IR imaging polarimetry creates the need for achromatic phase retarder used in dual-band. Dielectric grating with the period smaller than the illuminating wavelength presents a strong form-birefringence. With this feature, the combination of several subwavelength gratings can be used as achromatic phase retarders. We proposed(More)
Small thickness and light weight are two important requirements for a see-through near-eye display which are achieved in this paper by using two advanced technologies: geometrical waveguide and freeform optics. A major problem associated with the geometrical waveguide is the stray light which can severely degrade the display quality. The causes and(More)
A holographic kinetic model is proposed to quantitatively represent the dynamics of mixed volume gratings in a bulk gold nanoparticles (NPs) doped photopolymer. Due to the polymerization-driven multicomponent diffusion, the volume refractive index grating is induced by the periodic spatial distribution of photoproduct while the absorption grating is formed(More)
A novel polarized light-guide plate (LGP) for the illumination of liquid crystal display is proposed in this paper. For the substrate of the LGP, stress-induced birefringence is introduced to achieve the polarization state conversion. An aluminum sub-wavelength grating (SWG) is designed on the top surface as a polarizing beam-splitter (PBS). The structure(More)
A multilayered metallic M-shaped nano-grating is proposed to enhance the internal quantum efficiency, light extraction efficiency and surface-plasmon (SP) extraction efficiency of the gallium nitride-based light emitting diodes. This structure is fabricated by the low-cost nano-imprint lithography. The suitable grating based on quasi-symmetrical-waveguide(More)
An optimization method for diffractive superresolution elements (DSEs) for radially polarized light is proposed. Only the longitudinal component of the focused field of radially polarized light is considered for optimization, and the results are 0, pi two-phase distributed DSEs. A series of such DSEs are designed, and the corresponding superresolution(More)
Study of phase retrieval technology is quite meaningful, for its wide applications related to many domains, such as adaptive optics, detection of laser quality, precise measurement of optical surface, and so on. Here a hybrid iterative phase retrieval algorithm is proposed, based on fusion of the intensity information in three defocused planes. First the(More)
Dynamic speckle multiplexing scheme in volume holographic data storage is proposed, since it offers a novel multiplexing geometry, and could be combined with other schemes to make the full use of the dynamic ranges. In this scheme, a random diffuser is added in the original reference path of the classical 90 masculine setup. In this paper, we analyzed the(More)