Guofa Li

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Artificial neural networks are introduced in the area of grinding. There are some disadvantages in BP (Back Propagation) algorithm, such as low rate of convergence speed, easily falling into local minimum point and weak global search capability. In order to solve these problems, this paper presents a new learning algorithm that uses GA (Genetic Algorithm)(More)
Driver distraction has been identified as one major cause of unsafe driving. The existing studies on cognitive distraction detection mainly focused on high-speed driving situations, but less on low-speed traffic in urban driving. This paper presents a method for the detection of driver cognitive distraction at stop-controlled intersections and compares its(More)
Eco-driving technologies are able to largely reduce the fuel consumption of ground vehicles. This paper presents how to determine the fuel-optimized operating strategies of passenger cars under cruising process. The design naturally casts into an optimal control problem with the S-shaped engine fueling rate as the integrand of cost function. The solutions(More)
Three experiments were conducted to examine the effectiveness of two forward crash warning systems, a flashing brake system and a flashing hazard system, using an advanced driving simulator. In Experiment 1, 20 subjects followed a lead vehicle with a desired time gap and braked when necessary. Results showed that time gap, velocity, and deceleration of the(More)
Driver distraction has been identified as an important driving safety issue. However, existed studies focused less on low-speed condition, especially at intersections. This paper aims to find the impact of driver cognitive distraction on vehicle performance at stop-controlled intersections. Eight subjects (young adult: 4, older adult: 4) participated in(More)
Detection of driver cognitive distraction is critical for active safety systems of road vehicles. Compared with visual distraction, cognitive distraction is more challenging for detection due to the lack of apparent exterior features. This paper presents a novel real-time detection algorithm for driver cognitive distraction by using support vector machine(More)
Negative emotions influence driving safety and possibly lead to traffic accidents. However, how to perceive negative emotions timely, release drivers from negative emotions and mitigate their potential harm to the roadway performance of drivers has not been discussed well. Listening to music is an effective way to influence driver emotion. Therefore, taking(More)
Accounting about 70% of vehicle miles on roadways, highway driving is a critical issue in traffic safety deployment. Of the various maneuvers that comprise the highly complex driving task, each one requires understanding on the connections between driving states, vehicle performance and drivers' actions. This paper attempts to flesh out a complete picture(More)