Guofa Li

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Negative emotions influence driving safety and possibly lead to traffic accidents. However, how to perceive negative emotions timely, release drivers from negative emotions and mitigate their potential harm to the roadway performance of drivers has not been discussed well. Listening to music is an effective way to influence driver emotion. Therefore, taking(More)
Three experiments were conducted to examine the effectiveness of two forward crash warning systems, a flashing brake system and a flashing hazard system, using an advanced driving simulator. In Experiment 1, 20 subjects followed a lead vehicle with a desired time gap and braked when necessary. Results showed that time gap, velocity, and deceleration of the(More)
This paper presents an adaptive decoupling temperature and humidity control for neonatal incubator process by exploiting an active humidification system. The neonatal incubator is a Two-Input Two-Output process (TITO) with characteristics of strong coupling and time variation. The coupling problem is treated by the weight adjustment of the output error to(More)
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