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A novel image encryption algorithm making using of hyper-chaos and DNA sequence is presented here. A four-dimensional hyper-chaos system is used to generate the pseudo-random sequence, which is transformed into a biologic DNA sequence to diffuse the image blocks. A circular permutation is performed on the plain-image when it is in DNA status. Together with(More)
A novel bicomponent alkyd system was designed to decrease the usage of Cobalt-based drier due to its latent carcinogensis. The system was polymerized using a Cobalt-salt complex as an air-sensitive drier and an isopropylthioxanthone photoinitiator as a light-sensitive accelerator, as well as using irradiation in the form of visible light. The combined(More)
An image encryption scheme is proposed using block cipher for remote sensing image in this paper. Remote sensing image means the detection of earth surface including mainly the land, ocean, and atmosphere from satellite. Due to the huge data in normal remote sensing image with security communication requirement, block encryption is adopted for fast(More)