Guodong Wang

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—Anycast paradigm has been widely adopted by Inter-net application to find nearby resources. The current IP anycast implementation suffers from poor scalability. To overcome that, this paper proposes Proxima, a network coordinates (NC) based application layer infrastructure, which is capable to provide lightweight and flexible anycast service. Proxima(More)
BACKGROUND The Chinese Taihu is one of the most prolific pig breeds in the world, which farrows at least five more piglets per litter than Western pig breeds partly due to a greater ovulation rate. Variation of ovulation rate maybe associated with the differences in the transcriptome of Chinese Taihu and Large White ovaries. In order to understand the(More)
Texture segmentation is a very important subject in the fields of computer vision. In order to segment the textures, active contour model based on nonlocal means method and tikhonov regularization is proposed. In detail, a new nonlocal tikhonov regularization smoothness term is added. The nonlocal operator is based on the image slice similarity. So better(More)
Active contour models are very popular in image segmentation. Different features such as mean gray and variance are selected for different purpose. But for image with intensity inhomogeneities, there are no features for segmentation using the active contour model. The images with intensity inhomogeneities often occurred in real world especially in medical(More)
As palmprints are captured using non-contact devices, image blur is inevitably generated because of the defocused status. This degrades the recognition performance of the system. To solve this problem, we propose a stable-feature extraction method based on a Vese-Osher (VO) decomposition model to recognize blurred palmprints effectively. A Gaussian defocus(More)
Phenyltriazolinones are one of the most important classes of herbicides targeting the protoporphyrinogen oxidase enzyme. A series of triazolinone derivatives containing a strobilurin pharmacophore were designed and synthesized with the aim of discovering new phenyltriazolinone analogues with high activity. The herbicidal activity of the synthesized(More)
—When large files are offered by many mirrors for clients to download, selecting the proper download mirrors is necessary in speeding up the clients' download. The existing method, which measures all the Round Trip Time (RTT) between clients and all mirrors, costs much time and Internet traffic. In this paper, we propose NC-APT, an efficient and scalable(More)
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