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Visualizing large-scale online social network is a challenging yet essential task. This paper presents HiMap, a system that visualizes it by clustered graph via hierarchical grouping and summarization. HiMap employs a novel adaptive data loading technique to accurately control the visual density of each graph view, and along with the optimized layout(More)
—In this paper, we present a novel variational framework for multiphase synthetic aperture radar (SAR) image segmentation based on the fuzzy region competition method. A new energy functional is proposed to integrate the Gamma model and the edge detector based on the ratio of exponentially weighted averages (ROEWA) operator within the optimization process.(More)
This paper designs a novel congestion control algorithm named application based rate controllable TCP (ABC-TCP), whose transfer rate can be adjusted by the applications. If the required transfer rate doesn't meet the requirement of the application, the sender's congestion control window (CWND) will increase aggressively and if it gets the required transfer(More)