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Using next-generation sequencing technology alone, we have successfully generated and assembled a draft sequence of the giant panda genome. The assembled contigs (2.25 gigabases (Gb)) cover approximately 94% of the whole genome, and the remaining gaps (0.05 Gb) seem to contain carnivore-specific repeats and tandem repeats. Comparisons with the dog and human(More)
The transition from the juvenile to adult phase in plants is controlled by diverse exogenous and endogenous cues such as age, day length, light, nutrients, and temperature. Previous studies have shown that the gradual decline in microRNA156 (miR156) with age promotes the expression of adult traits. However, how age temporally regulates the abundance of(More)
The allene oxide synthase (AOS) and hydroperoxide lyase (HPL) branches of the oxylipin pathway, which underlie the production of jasmonates and aldehydes, respectively, function in plant responses to a range of stresses. Regulatory crosstalk has been proposed to exist between these two signaling branches; however, there is no direct evidence of this. Here,(More)
Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD) and nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide phosphate (NADP), which is derived from NAD, have important roles as a redox carriers in metabolism. A combination of de novo and salvage pathways contribute to the biosynthesis of NAD in all organisms. The pathways and enzymes of the NAD salvage pathway in yeast and animals,(More)
In order to solve the problem of transporting eVLBI data in fast long distance networks, a new TCP algorithm is proposed in this paper. This new algorithm directly relays on the application layer to adjust its congestion window (cwnd) and transfer rate, so we named it ABCTCP (Application Based rate Controllable TCP). To reach the desired throughput, ABCTCP(More)
—Data integration based on ontology has become an effective method to cope with the heterogeneous data on the Internet. In this paper, we consider the problem of data integration and use an ontology-based framework to address this problem at a semantic level. we apply the idea of ontology as a tool for data integration. An improved data integration method(More)
OTSU method is considered to be the best algorithm for image segmentation of threshold selection. It's very simple and it's regardless of image brightness and contrast effects. Therefore it has been widely used in digital image processing. However, in the actual image, because of the influence of noise etc., traditional OTSU algorithm cannot be obtained an(More)
Visualizing large-scale online social network is a challenging yet essential task. This paper presents HiMap, a system that visualizes it by clustered graph via hierarchical grouping and summarization. HiMap employs a novel adaptive data loading technique to accurately control the visual density of each graph view, and along with the optimized layout(More)