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Proper assessment and early detection of land degradation and desertification is extremely important in arid and semi-arid ecosystems. Recent research has proposed to use the characteristics of spatial vegetation patterns, such as parameters derived from power-law modeling of vegetation patches, for detecting the early signs of desertification. However,(More)
Legacy effects are the ecological inheritances produced by preceding actions, which have been underlined more on agricultural land use, wildfire, invasive and removal species, forest management, and extreme climates in previous research; however, very few studies have shown concern toward the grazing legacy effects on key ecosystem functions such as the(More)
Livestock performance is a critical indicator of grassland production systems and is influenced strongly by precipitation and stocking rates. However, these relationships require further investigation in the arid Desert Steppe region of northeastern China. We employed a randomized complete block design with three replications and four grazing treatments(More)
The effects of sheep urine and dung patches on methane (CH4) and carbon dioxide (CO2) fluxes were investigated during the summer-autumn in 2010, to evaluate their contribution to climate change in a desert grassland in Inner Mongolia, China. Results indicate that the cumulative CH4 emissions for dung patches, urine patches and control plots were - -0.076,(More)
Considering their contribution to global warming, the sources and sinks of methane (CH4) should be accounted when undertaking a greenhouse gas inventory for grazed rangeland ecosystems. The aim of this study was to evaluate the mitigation potential of current ecological management programs implemented in the main rangeland regions of China. The influences(More)
Semi-nomadic pastoralism was replaced by sedentary pastoralism in Inner Mongolia during the 1960's in response to changes in land use policy and increasing human population. Large increases in numbers of livestock and pastoralist households (11- and 9-fold, respectively) during the past 60 yrs have variously degraded the majority of grasslands in Inner(More)
A class of elliptic boundary value problem in an exterior domain is considered under some conditions concerning the first eigenvalue of the relevant linear operator, where the variables of nonlinear term f(s, u) need not to be separated. Several new theorems on the existence and multiplicity of positive radial solutions are obtained by means of fixed point(More)
Grassland communities occupy about 25 % of global land area and global warming could alter grassland plant community coverage. A field study was conducted to investigate the impact of soil warming (surface soil temperature increased by 1.3 °C) and nitrogen addition (100 kg N ha−1 year−1) on a desert steppe community in Inner Mongolia, China, from 2006 to(More)
Garrison creeping foxtail can increase the forage yield of wet meadows. However, tillage can be problematic on heavy-textured soils and thick sod mats often associated with wet meadows. This study examined the potential of establishing Garrison with the use of herbicides and no-till planting. Garrison was no-till drilled into a wet meadow using herbicide(More)