Guodong Han

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—Recently GPUs have risen as one important parallel platform for general purpose applications, both in HPC and cloud environments. Due to the special execution model, developing programs for GPUs is difficult even with the recent introduction of high-level languages like CUDA and OpenCL. To ease the programming efforts, some research has proposed(More)
—GPU-based many-core accelerators have gained a footing in supercomputing. Their widespread adoption yet hinges on better parallelization and load scheduling techniques to utilize the hybrid system of CPU and GPU cores easily and efficiently. This paper introduces a new user-friendly compiler framework and runtime system, dubbed Japonica, to help Java(More)
—In modern cloud systems, how to optimize user service level based on virtual resources customized on demand is a critical issue. In this paper, we comprehensively analyze the payment bound under a cloud model with virtual machines (VMs), by taking into account that task's workload may be predicted with errors. The analysis is based on an optimized resource(More)
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