Guodong Han

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—Recently GPUs have risen as one important parallel platform for general purpose applications, both in HPC and cloud environments. Due to the special execution model, developing programs for GPUs is difficult even with the recent introduction of high-level languages like CUDA and OpenCL. To ease the programming efforts, some research has proposed(More)
Considering their contribution to global warming, the sources and sinks of methane (CH4) should be accounted when undertaking a greenhouse gas inventory for grazed rangeland ecosystems. The aim of this study was to evaluate the mitigation potential of current ecological management programs implemented in the main rangeland regions of China. The influences(More)
Tau is a member of microtubule-associated proteins (MAPs) and expressed in normal breast epithelium and breast cancer cells. Tau expression levels in early breast cancer were correlated with the responsiveness of taxane-containing chemotherapy. However, it is unknown whether Tau contributes to breast cancer progression. Herein, Tau expression in recurrent(More)
With the Meta-analysis method, the clinical efficacy of acupuncture and other regular methods for aphasia was evaluated, and the acupoints selection for aphasia was explored. The acupuncture literature of clinical randomized control trials for aphasia published in CNKI, WANFANG, VIP and CBM database was searched; the statistical analysis of clinical(More)
Grassland communities occupy about 25 % of global land area and global warming could alter grassland plant community coverage. A field study was conducted to investigate the impact of soil warming (surface soil temperature increased by 1.3 °C) and nitrogen addition (100 kg N ha−1 year−1) on a desert steppe community in Inner Mongolia, China, from 2006 to(More)
A class of elliptic boundary value problem in an exterior domain is considered under some conditions concerning the first eigenvalue of the relevant linear operator, where the variables of nonlinear term f(s, u) need not to be separated. Several new theorems on the existence and multiplicity of positive radial solutions are obtained by means of fixed point(More)
—GPU-based many-core accelerators have gained a footing in supercomputing. Their widespread adoption yet hinges on better parallelization and load scheduling techniques to utilize the hybrid system of CPU and GPU cores easily and efficiently. This paper introduces a new user-friendly compiler framework and runtime system, dubbed Japonica, to help Java(More)