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Air temperature, ground surface temperature (GST; 0 cm at depth), precipitation and freezing depth data at 50 meteorological stations in the Qinghai – Tibet Plateau (QTP) were analyzed to examine changes of climate and seasonally frozen ground (SFG) in the past 30 years. The latitude, longitude, elevation, mean annual air temperature (MAAT), annual(More)
[1] In this paper we summarize recent research in geocryological studies carried out on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau that show responses of permafrost to climate change and their environmental implications. Long-term temperature measurements indicate that the lower altitudinal limit of permafrost has moved up by 25 m in the north during the last 30 years and(More)
Drought is a complex natural hazard which can have negative effects on agriculture, economy, and human life. In this paper, the primary goal is to explore the application of the Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment (GRACE) gravity satellite data for the quantitative investigation of the recent drought dynamic over the arid land of northwestern China, a(More)
There has been an increasing use of predictive spatial distribution of main communities or dominant species at the landscape scale for ecological restoration planning, biodiversity conservation planning and regional management decisions in the Qilian Mountains, northwest China. Understanding the spatial distribution of dominant species at the regional scale(More)
Permafrost in China mainly located in high-altitude areas. It represents a unique and suitable ecological niche that can be colonized by abundant microbes. Permafrost microbial community varies across geographically separated locations in China, and some lineages are novel and possible endemic. Besides, Chinese permafrost is a reservoir of functional(More)
The heterogeneous stem radial growth of Populus euphratica and its correlation with hydrology and climate factors were investigated by a tree-ring study in Ejina Oasis in Northwest China. Over the last several decades, riparian forests in Northwest China have been extremely vulnerable to the increasing pressures from human activity and climate change.(More)
To obtain long term accurate high resolution precipitation for the Heihe River Basin (HRB), Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) model simulations were performed using two different initial boundary conditions, with nine microphysical processes for different analysis parameterization schemes. High spatial-temporal precipitation was simulated from 2000 to(More)