Guocheng Zou

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Nonlinear constrained problem has been deemed as a hard problem. This paper proposes a kind of evolutionary algorithm for constrained programming. The constrained conditions are converted into an objective and then the constrained programming is transformed into a special bi-objective unconstrained problem. The Pareto concept of multiobjective programming(More)
Bilevel programming has a nested structure and widely used in many real-life problems. This paper addresses a kind of nonlinear bilevel programming, the lower level problem is transformed into a series of constraints for the upper level problem by KKT condition. In the transformed problem, the constraints are taken as an objective for the upper level, thus(More)
In this paper, a hybrid population-based algorithm (HPBA) for constrained global programming is studied. Firstly , an auxiliary function is constructed, the properties of this kind of auxiliary function are analyzed. Some nice properties of the constructed auxiliary function have proven by some theorems. Finally, the detailed steps of HPBA and numerical(More)
Bilevel programming has a nested structure consisting of two optimization problems, in which the constraint region of upper level's problem is determined by the solution set of the lower level's problem. Multiobjective bilevel programming problems are a special case of bilevel programming in which the upper and lower level have many objectives to be(More)
Transportation-distribution planning problems have been one of the important topics in management science. This paper studies a bilevel multiobjective transportation-distribution planning nodel in which the distributing company has two objectives and the manufacturing company has one objective. For the proposed model, we present a hybrid algorithm to solve(More)
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