Guocheng Zhang

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Nanoparticles are regarded as promising carriers for targeted drug delivery and imaging probes. A fundamental understanding of the dynamics of polymeric nanoparticle targeting to receptor-coated vascular surfaces is therefore of great importance to enhance the design of nanoparticles toward improving binding ability. Although the effects of particle size(More)
In consider of docking task of AUV and underwater moving platform, an AUV tracking controller is designed. In this controller, target trajectory is calculated to determine AUV expected velocity and heading angle, during which, Lyapunov stability law is followed. An AUV heading angle and velocity controller is designed based on active disturbance rejection(More)
The adsorption and aggregation of a selenacarbocyanine dye (3,3-disulfopropyl-9-methyl-selenacarbocyanine, SeCy) onto Langmuir monolayers of a series of gemini amphiphiles with different methylene spacers were investigated. When the monolayers of the gemini amphiphiles were spread on the dye-containing subphase, the dye could be easily adsorbed and(More)
A new series of gemini amphiphiles containing two Schiff base moieties linked by the poly(ethyleneamine) with different lengths were designed, and their interfacial assemblies were investigated. Condensed monolayers were obtained on nearly neutral subphase where the hydrophilic spacers were found to immerse into the subphase. On strong alkaline and acidic(More)
The aggregation of dyes is of considerable importance in relating to their functions and applications. In this paper, we have investigated the regulation on the aggregation and morphology of two cyanine dyes, 3,3'-disulfopropyl-4,5,4',5'-dibenzo-9-methylthiacarbocyanine triethylammonium salt (MTC) and(More)
As AUV systems are becoming more complex, distributed, and integrated, there is the need to build sophisticated frameworks to embody intelligence in AUV. This paper presents a sensor-based software architecture for the integration of AUV platforms with multi-sensors systems where data fusion is relevant. The architecture is based on an existing software(More)