Guocheng Zhang

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Nanoparticles are regarded as promising carriers for targeted drug delivery and imaging probes. A fundamental understanding of the dynamics of polymeric nanoparticle targeting to receptor-coated vascular surfaces is therefore of great importance to enhance the design of nanoparticles toward improving binding ability. Although the effects of particle size(More)
The relative degree to which stochastic and deterministic processes underpin community assembly is a central problem in ecology. Quantifying local-scale phylogenetic and functional beta diversity may shed new light on this problem. We used species distribution, soil, trait and phylogenetic data to quantify whether environmental distance, geographic distance(More)
The processes that structure assemblages of species in hyper-diverse genera, such as Ficus (Moraceae), are not well understood. Functional diversity of co-occurring species can reveal evidence for assembly processes; however, intraspecific variation may weaken species-level patterns. We studied whether functional and phylogenetic diversity of Ficus species(More)
OBJECTIVE To understand the characteristics of newly detected leprosy patients at low endemic situation in China in order to provide information for better leprosy control. METHODS A study was carried out using a designed questionnaire in a retrospective method in China in 2007. RESULTS Among 1462 new patients studied, the average age at diagnosis was(More)
Environmental filtering consistently shapes the functional and phylogenetic structure of species across space within diverse forests. However, poor descriptions of community functional and lineage distributions across space hamper the accurate understanding of coexistence mechanisms. We combined environmental variables and geographic space to explore how(More)
The mechanical properties of a single cell play substantial roles in cell mitosis, differentiation, and carcinogenesis. According to the difference of elastic modulus between the benign cell and the tumor cell, it has been shown that the mechanical properties of cells, as special biomarkers, may contribute greatly to disease diagnosis and drug screening.(More)
In consider of docking task of AUV and underwater moving platform, an AUV tracking controller is designed. In this controller, target trajectory is calculated to determine AUV expected velocity and heading angle, during which, Lyapunov stability law is followed. An AUV heading angle and velocity controller is designed based on active disturbance rejection(More)