Guocheng Shao

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A renewable flow cell integrating a microstructured pillar-array filter and a pneumatic microvalve was microfabricated to trap and release beads. A bead-based immunoassay using this device was also developed. This microfabricated device consists of a microfluidic channel connecting to a beads chamber in which the pillar-array filter is built. Underneath the(More)
A novel and versatile processing method was developed for the formation of gel scaffolds with in situ AChE-AuNPs immobilization for biosensing of organophosphorus compounds. The biosensor designed by our new approach shows high sensitivity, selectivity and reactivation efficiency. This flow-induced immobilization technique opens up new pathways for(More)
their professional advices and guidance on my research. experience with all kinds of fun. Finally, the author's grateful appreciation goes to his parents whose hardworking spirit and dedication to family have always been a great example for the author. Figure 2-1 Schematic diagram of tilted UV lithography in water medium (left: the experimental setup;(More)
This paper describes the design, fabrication, and testing of a pneumatically controlled, renewable, microfluidic device for conducting bead-based assays in an automated sequential injection analysis system. The device used a "brick wall"-like pillar array (pillar size: 20 μm length × 50 μm width × 45 μm height) with 5 μm gaps between the pillars serving as(More)
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