Guochen Cai

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With the development of web technique and social network sites human now can produce information, share with others online easily. Photo-sharing website, Flickr, stores huge number of photos where people upload and share their pictures. This research proposes a framework that is used to extract associative points-of-interest patterns from geo-tagged photos(More)
The advent of photo-sharing services results in massive user-generated geo-tagged photos. These photos implicitly and explicitly indicate points-ofinterest and their associations. This study aims to combine two data mining techniques: clustering and association rules mining to mine areas of attraction, and their associative patterns. We analyze photos from(More)
Flickr represents a massive opportunity to mine valuable human movement data from geo-tagged photos. However, existing Flickr trajectory data mining research has not considered mining frequent trajectory patterns whilst also considering the temporal domain. Therefore, a significant opportunity exists to demonstrate the application of a pattern mining(More)
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Millions of geo-tagged photos are becoming available due to the widespread of photo-sharing websites. These social medias capture attractive points-of-interest and contain interesting photo-taking patterns. Massive amount of these user-oriented data produces new challenges and understanding people’s photo-taking behavior is of great importance for local(More)
There is an increasing need for a trajectory pattern mining as the volume of available trajectory data grows at an unprecedented rate with the aid of mobile sensing. Region-of-interest mining identifies interesting hot spots that reveal trajectory concentrations. This article introduces an efficient and effective grid-based region-of-interest mining method(More)
Sentiment analysis with features addition to opinion words has been an appealing area in recent studies. Some research has been conducted for finding relationship between sentiments, topics and temporal sentiment analysis. Nevertheless, Email sentiment analysis received relatively less attention due to the complexity of its structure and indirectness of its(More)
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