Guocai Yang

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Chongqing mountain citrus orchard is one of the main origins of Chinese citrus. Its planting terrain is complex and soil parent material is diverse. Currently, the citrus fertilization, irrigation and other management processes still have great blindness. They usually use the same pattern and the same formula rather than considering the orchard terrain(More)
Association rules mining has been under great attention and considered as one of momentous area in data mining. Classical association rules mining approaches make implicit assumption that items’ importance is the same and set a single support for all items. This paper presents an efficient approach for mining users’ interest weighted frequent patterns from(More)
It is widely known that particle swarm optimization (PSO) has some drawbacks, especially it loses diversity easily. In order to solve this problem, some improved PSOs were proposed which update velocity according to diversity. However, some important information about particles is still not sufficiently utilized such as fitness values. As a gradient descent(More)
Web log mining is mainly to acquire users’ interest navigation patterns from web logs and has been the subject of the web personalization research. In this paper, we define a new concept “interest pheromone” and present a group users’ navigation paths model. Then we propose a simple algorithm based on improved Ant Colony Optimization (ACO) to mine users’(More)
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