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Signcryption can offer authentication and confidentiality simultaneously with better efficiency than traditional signature-then-encryption approach. Ring signature enables a user to conscribe arbitrarily a group of ring members and sign a message on behalf of the ring (which includes himself) without revealing his real identity. By integrating the notion of(More)
The complexity, scale and dynamic of data source in the human-centric computing bring great challenges to maintainers. It is problem to be solved that how to reduce manual intervention in large scale human-centric computing, such as cloud computing resource management so that system can automatically manage according to configuration strategies. To address(More)
It's necessary to discuss the topology model of digital images for integrating remote sensing and geographic information system in higher levels. Based on complex theories, a multi-level hierarchical image representation is presented that preserves topological relation equivalency and a set of functional architectures that efficiently reflects this(More)