Guobin Wang 王国斌

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The effects of 5-Aza-2’-deoxycytidine (5-Aza-CdR) on the proliferation of MDA-MB-435S cells and the expression of tumor suppressor gene maspin were investigated. Human breast cancer cell line MDA-MB-435S was treated with 5 μmol/L 5-Aza-CdR, a specific demethylating agent for 0 to 8 days. The growth of MDA-MB-435S cells was observed by MTT assay before and(More)
To isolate and culture the purified monoclonal neural stem cells from the cerebral cortex of new born mice, new-born mice cerebral cortex was isolated and dissociated to single-cell suspension by mechanical trituration. The dissociated single cells were cultured in serum-free medium. After the formation of neurospheres, single-cell clone culture was(More)
This study examined the mRNA expression of NALP3 in the spleen of the mice with hypersplenism due to portal hypertension (PH). The mouse hypersplenism models were established by oral administration of tetrachloromethane (2 mL/kg/week for 12 weeks by oral gavage). All the mice were randomly divided into a control group and an experimental group. The blood(More)
We studied the regulatory effects of the estragen receptorβ (ERβ) gene on the downstream estrogen signal transfection pathway in colon cancer cells and the possible mechanisms involved. A human ERβ gene recombinant expression plasmid, pEGFP-C1-ERβ, was constructed and transfected into the Caco-2 colon cancer cell line, a line with low ERβ gene expression.(More)
The effects of the cyclin E expression levels on chemotherapeutic sensitivity of breast cancer cell line were explored. After the cyclin E expression was knockdown in MDA-MB-435 by RNA interference, FACS analysis and SA-β-gal staining were used to evaluate the response sensitivity of breast cancer cells to DNA damage drugs (adriamycin, etc.). Adriamycin(More)
This study constructed siRNA recombinant expression vector targeting survivin gene and observe the apoptosis induction effect of it in human colon cancer cells. siRNA recombinant expression vector targeting survivin gene was constructed and transfected into human colon cancer cells. The effect of siRNA recombinant expression vector was detected by RT-PCR,(More)
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