Guobiao Weng

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Let (K,+, ∗) be an odd order presemifield with commutative multiplication. We show that the set of nonzero squares of (K, ∗) is a skewHadamard difference set or a Paley type partial difference set in (K,+) according as q is congruent to 3modulo 4 or q is congruent to 1 modulo 4. Applying this result to the Coulter–Matthews presemifield and the Ding–Yuan(More)
It is well known that almost perfect nonlinear (APN) functions achieve the lowest possible differential uniformity for functions defined on fields with even characteristic, and hence, from this point of view, they are the most ideal choices for S-boxes in block and stream ciphers. They are also interesting as the link to many other areas, for instance(More)
Sequence set with lower correlation values is highly desired for engineering applications. However, theoretical results (e.g., Welch bound) show that &#x03B8;<sub>max</sub> &#x2265; &#x221A;(N) in general, that is, the maximum out-of-phase autocorrelation and cross-correlation magnitudes of a sequence set is not less than the square root of the sequence(More)
Permutation polynomials have applications in coding theory, cryptography, combinatorial designs, and they have been studied for over a hundred years. Recently, permutation polynomials over Z<sub>n</sub> have been used to construct interleavers for turbo codes. In this paper, we determine all permutation polynomials over Z<sub>n</sub> with degree no more(More)
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