GuoQing Niu

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A draft genome sequence of Streptomyces ansochromogenes 7100 was generated using 454 sequencing technology. In combination with local BLAST searches and gap filling techniques, a comprehensive antiSMASH-based method was adopted to assemble the secondary metabolite biosynthetic gene clusters in the draft genome of S. ansochromogenes. A total of at least 35(More)
Secondary metabolites are organic compounds with complex chemical structures and diverse physiological functions. Secondary metabolites include antibiotics, pigments, and other bioactive compounds. Many of these compounds have important agricultural and medical applications. Microorganisms , especially actinomycetes and filamentous fungi, are noted as a(More)
The biosynthesis of antibiotics is controlled by cascade regulation involving cluster-situated regulators (CSRs) and pleiotropic regulators. Three CSRs have been identified in the jadomycin biosynthetic gene cluster, including one OmpR-type activator (JadR1) and two TetR-like repressors (JadR* and JadR2). To examine their interactions in jadomycin(More)
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