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Quantum identity authentication based on ping-pong technique without entanglements
A quantum identity authentication scheme based on ping-pong technique without entanglements is proposed. It can verify the legitimate user’s identity and update the initial authentication key forExpand
Nonadiabatic geometric quantum gates that are insensitive to qubit-frequency drifts
Jian Zhou,1, 2 Sai Li,3 Guo-Zhu Pan,1 Gang Zhang,1, ∗ Tao Chen,3, † and Zheng-Yuan Xue3, 4, ‡ School of Electrical and Opto-Electronic Engineering, West Anhui University, Lu’an 237012, ChinaExpand
Testing Temporal Contextuality with Quantum Entangled Histories
This paper proposed a scheme to test temporal contextuality with a two-time entangled history state in the optical system that can give the same physical result without collapsing the state. Expand
Implementation of Quantum Controlled Phase Gate and Entanglement Swapping via Photonic Faraday Rotation
We propose deterministic and scalable schemes to realize quantum controlled phase gate between two distant atoms and implement entanglement swapping between two EPR pairs by means of cavity-assistedExpand
Computable steering criterion for bipartite quantum systems.
Quantum steering describes the ability of one observer to nonlocally affect the other observer's state through local measurements, which represents a new form of quantum nonlocal correlation and hasExpand
Nonlinear steering criteria for arbitrary two-qubit quantum systems
By employing Pauli measurements, some nonlinear steering criteria applicable for arbitrary two-qubit quantum systems and optimized ones for symmetric quantum states are presented, which can certify more steerable states without selecting measurement settings or correlation weights and can be used to verify entanglement. Expand
Improving the Bidirectional Quantum Teleportation Scheme via Five-qubit Cluster State
A bidirectional quantum teleportation scheme is presented recently by Ming-huang Sang (Int. J. Theor. Phys. 55, 1333, 2016) via a five-qubit cluster state as quantum channel. In the scheme a specialExpand