Guo-xiang Chang

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With the DDoS (distributed denial of service) traffic which was implemented using depleted bandwidth is filtered by routers in high speed network, it is impossible for the victim to work on the individual level of on-going traffic flows. The scheme establishes the source and destination IP address database by observing the normal traffic and storages it in(More)
A flexible neural network adaptive controller based on particle swarm optimization algorithm is proposed for the trajectory tracking control of manipulator robots with model errors and uncertain disturbances. The flexible neural network with adjustable nonlinear degree by parameter variation is used as controller. The particle swarm algorithm is used to(More)
Substation is the hub of the power grid. Regular inspection is very crucial in order to confirm the electrical equipment in substation to operate normally. Recently, manual inspection is gradually replaced by inspection robot. Local environment modelling and path planning are mainly key problems when patrol robot carry out the inspection work. For dealing(More)
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