Guo-quan Ren

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A new method using oil atomic spectrometric analysis technology to monitor the mechanical wear state was proposed. Multi-dimensional time series model of oil atomic spectrometric data of running-in period was treated as the standard model. Residues remained after new data were processed by the standard model. The residues variance matrix was selected as the(More)
A Parzen window based semi-supervised fuzzy c-means (PSFCM) clustering algorithm was presented. The initial clustering centers of fuzzy c-means (FCM) were determined with training samples. The membership iteration of FCM was redefined after the membership degrees of testing samples relatively to each state were calculated using Parzen window. Two typical(More)
Military medicine is one of the most innovative part of human civilization. Along with the rapid development of medicine and advances in military techniques, military medicine has become the focus and intersection of new knowledge and new technologies. Innovation and development within military medicine are always ongoing, with a long and challenging path(More)
Large quantity and ambiguity of oil atomic spectrometric information greatly affects the applicable efficiency and accuracy in fault diagnosis. A novel method for choosing less and effective spectrometric features is presented. Based on gearbox test bed, we simulated the normal wear state and two typical faults to acquire the lubricant samples. The three(More)
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