Guo-qing Tang

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Traditional power flow algorithms are not applicable to distribution network with distributed generation because the addition of distributed generation onto distribution networks may result in bi-directional power flow. The models of different type distributed generations in power flow calculation were presented as well as an improved back/forward sweep(More)
A well-characterized set of large-scale laboratory experiments is presented, illustrating forced imbibition displacements in the presence of irreducible wetting phase saturation in a cylindrical, homogeneous Berea sandstone rock. Experiments are designed to operate in the regime of compact microscopic flows and large-scale viscous instability. The(More)
This work proposes a new technique and method for application of artificial neural network (ANN) to protect generator transformer unit. This technique combines conventional generator protection theory developed through several decades with intelligent ANN technique. This combination promotes an effective approach to developing protective relays of superior(More)
To investigate the developmental expression patterns of Insulin-like Growth Factor 2 (IGF2) and Insulin-like Growth Factor Binding protein 3 (IGFBP3) genes at the age of 30, 60, 90, 120 and 150 days in back subcutaneous fat tissue of Landrace and Taihu pigs, real-time fluorescence quantitative PCR was applied. Results showed that the expression level of(More)
To investigate the endophytic bacterial diversity in the three medicinal plant species Codonopsis pilosula, Ephedra sinica, and Lamiophlomis rotata in Ganzi of Sichuan, Southwest China, the total DNA of the three species were extracted by stringent surface sterilization, and studied with length heterogeneity-PCR (LH-PCR) method. For the same plant species,(More)
A method was developed to optimize selection on multiple traits with multiple quantitative trait loci (QTLs) over multiple generations. The basis of the method was to replace in the objective function the genotypic value of a single trait with an aggregate genotypic value of multiple traits weighted by their corresponding economic weight, and to maximize(More)
7-hydroxyquinoline (7-HQ) is a kind of organic molecule with excited-state proton transfer (ESPT) effect. 7-HQ in ethanol solution causes ESPT reaction under the excitation of ultraviolet light. The fluorescence spectrum of the sample exhibits two bands. In contrast, 7-HQ in dimethyl sulfoxide (DMS) solution does not cause ESPT reaction. The fluorescence(More)
A method was developed to model and optimize selection on multiple identified quantitative trait loci (QTLs) and polygenic estimated breeding value, in order to maximize a weighted sum of cumulative response to selection over multiple years in a population with overlapping generations. The model allows for a population with multiple sex-age classes,(More)
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