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With the development of Web Service technology, SOA has so many applications in industries. How to evaluate a domain oriented service becomes an important issue at present. This paper puts forward an extended SOA(exSOA) architecture and a domain expert-based evaluation model for Web Service. It evaluates the candidate service by considering the evaluation(More)
With the development of SOA(Service-Oriented Architecture) and SOC(Service-Oriented Computing), the Quality of Service(QoS) was more and more important than before. How to access, store and measure the QoS in complex network has been a key work for the SOA. An expanded service model supporting QoS is proposed in this paper, and the model supports service(More)
Nowadays, SaaS is increasingly used by web-based applications for the benefits and profits it brings to both users and service providers. It is significative if service providers can automatically convert traditional applications into SaaS mode, a SaaSify tool is needed urgently. In this paper, we analyze and conclude the new challenges of automatically(More)
Along with the rapid growth of the Web Service, the research of non-functional properties of Web Service(QoS) becomes a hotspot. The work in this paper is based on an extended service model. It puts forward a metric policy of comprehensive QoS, and the matching algorithm including two aspects: non-QoS constraint and QoS constraint. The experimental results(More)
Software as a service (SaaS) is an emerging software framework in which business data and logic typically integrate with other applications. It requires a unified subscriber to describe SaaS to make for easy integration, however, SaaS provides services to different tenants by running only one instance. In order to satisfy personalized needs from different(More)
The popularity of mobile devices has produced a set of image data with geographic information, time information, and text description information, which is called geotagged photo data set. The division of this kind of data by its behavior and the location not only can identify the user's important location and daily behavior, but also helps users to sort(More)
How to prevent the fault propagation problems in Web Service has become an important issue. The recent research works mostly take some fault tolerance method in service based system. These methods detect or diagnose faults in the composition process, find the failure service, take tolerance action and recover the system. However, in the service oriented(More)
OBJECTIVE To analyze the injuries after the earthquake with otorhinolaryngology symptoms and the characteristics of with injuries and to provide some information when dealing with similar disasters in the future. METHODS The basic information of earthquake-related injuries with otorhinolaryngology symptoms was collected in 11 large and medium-sized(More)
SaaS(Software as a service) is a new emerging software design, implement and deploy model. It provides personalized service to multi tenants by one instance over Internet. In order to meet the needs from tenant, it needs to continuously evolve. Most evolving systems utilize the reflective framework to adapt to the changes flexibly. Compared with other(More)