Guo-guang Zhao

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OBJECTIVE To investigate the effects of short-term simulated weightlessness on lung function in healthy males. METHOD -30 degrees head down tilt for 45 min was used to simulate short-period weightlessness. Lung function of 12 healthy males, aged 18-21, were studied with plethysmography during seating, supine and head down tilt positions. At the same time,(More)
BACKGROUND The aim of this study is to explore the treatment and outcome of epileptogenic temporal lobe cavernous malformations (CMs). METHODS We analyzed retrospectively the profiles of 52 patients diagnosed as temporal lobe CMs associated with epilepsy. Among the 52 cases, 11 underwent a direct resection of CM along with the adjacent zone of hemosiderin(More)
OBJECTIVE To study the hemodynamic changes of pulmonary circulation during simulated weightlessness. METHOD 12 subjects were studied using echocardiography and electrocardiography during head-down tilt (HDT) of -30 degrees lasting for 45 min. RESULT Right ventricular ejection time increased significantly (P<0.05); peak velocity of pulmonary arterial(More)
AIMS To study three atypical glioneuronal tumours (GNTs), in order to shed light on the clinical and pathological features of this diverse tumour group. METHODS AND RESULTS Clinical and neuropathological data for each case were retrospectively reviewed. Case 1 involved a 17-year-old boy with left leg movement difficulty. A mass lesion in the basal ganglia(More)
OBJECTIVE To explore the accuracy and role of magnetic resonance imagine (MRI)-guided stereotactic biopsy for atypical diseases in brain. METHODS Using MRI volume scan and multiplane reconstruction, MRI-guided stereotactic brain biopsies were performed with CRW stereotactia frame in twenty-six patients whose lesions were atypical or unable to be detected(More)
Objective. To find a real-time, quick and audio-visual method to evaluate the subject's physiological function condition and possible development. Method. Star figure technique was adopted to analyse multiple physiological indices during lower body negative pressure test (LBNP). Based on the character and stability of the stars figure, the steadiness of the(More)
  • G X Zhao
  • 1989
The article reported the use of a modified technique in the treatment of chronic empyema by decorticating only the visceral fibrous plate and leaving the parietal fibrous plate undecorticated. The cure rate was 100% and mortality rate 0%. This modified decortication has the advantages of simplifying the operative procedure shortening the operation time,(More)
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