Guo-gang Ren

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The present study aimed to evaluate the potential toxicity and the general mechanism involved in multi-walled carbon nanotubes (MWCNT)-induced cytotoxicity in C6 rat glioma cell line. Two kinds of MWCNT, which were coded as MWCNT1 (measured 10-20 nm in diameter and 2 μm in average length) and MWCNT2 (measured 40-100 nm in diameter and 10 μm in average(More)
The effects of nano particles of CuO on voltage-dependent potassium currents were studied in acutely isolated CA1 pyramidal neurons of rat hippocampus using the whole-cell patch-clamp techniques. Nano particles of CuO had small effects on transient outward potassium current (I(A), no statistical significance) and mainly inhibited delayed rectifier potassium(More)
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