Guo-fang Zeng

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Several inducible gene expression systems have been developed in vitro in recent years to overcome limitations with traditional transgenic mice. One of these, the tetracycline-regulated system, has been used successfully in vivo. Nevertheless, concerns remain about the ability of this system to direct high levels of transgene expression in vivo and to(More)
Conflicting research has identified METCAM/MUC18, an integral membrane cell adhesion molecule (CAM) in the Ig-like gene super-family, as both a tumor promoter and a tumor suppressor in the development of breast cancer. To resolve this, we have re-investigated the role of this CAM in the progression of human breast cancer cells. Three breast cancer cell(More)
Increased expression of METCAM/MUC18, a trans-membrane cell adhesion molecule in the Ig-like gene superfamily, has been associated with the malignant progression of epithelial ovarian carcinomas. To investigate if this is a fortuitous correlation or if METCAM/MUC18 actually plays a role in the progression of the cancer, we tested effects of enforced(More)
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