Guo Zhong Wang

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BACKGROUND Some patients suspected with Hirschsprung's disease (HD), however, were diagnosed as having isolated hypoganglionosis according to the updated pathohistologic methods. This study was undertaken to investigate the diagnostic methods and the therapeutic results of isolated hypoganglionosis in children. METHODS A retrospective analysis was made on(More)
AIM To study the long-term therapeutic effect of "heart-shaped" anastomosis for Hirschsprung's disease. METHODS From January 1986 to October 1997, we performed one-stage "heart-shaped" anastomosis for 193 patients with Hirschsprung's disease (HD). One hundred and fifty-two patients were followed up patients (follow-up rate 79%). The operative outcome and(More)
AIM To investigate whether IL-10-transduced dendritic cells (DCs) could induce tolerogenicity and prolong allograft survival in rat intestinal transplantation. METHODS Spleen-derived DCs were prepared and genetically modified by hIL-10 gene. The level of IL-10 expression was quantitated by ELISA. DC function was assessed by MTT in mixed leukocyte(More)
OBJECTIVES To investigate the activity alterations of enzymes in intestine grafts after liver/small bowel transplantation in rats and the relations of these changes to immune rejection of grafts. METHODS A model of liver/small bowel transplantation (LSBT) was established in closed colony SD and Wistar rats. The activity of enzymes including triphosphatase(More)
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