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—Existing remotely-actuated microrobots powered by magnetic coils far from the workspace exhibit a maximum of only five-degrees-of-freedom (DOF) actuation, as creation of a driving torque about the magnetization axis is not achievable. This lack of orientation control limits the effectiveness of existing microrobots for precision tasks of object(More)
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This paper proposes a novel design methodology to synthesize flexure-based parallel manipulators (FPM) for high precision micro/nano-scale manipulation. Unlike traditional synthesis methods, the proposed method uses a structural optimization algorithm that is independent of human intuition, to synthesize compliant joints with optimal stiffness(More)
This paper presents a novel synthesis method for the design of micro-scale robotic flexure mechanisms. A structural optimization method, termed the mechanism-based approach, is used to identify the optimal topology and shape of the flexure mechanisms based on their lump stiffness characteristics. Using several different fitness functions, several optimal(More)
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