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Effects of water gradients on soil enzyme activity and active organic carbon composition under Carex lasiocarpa marsh
The responses of soil enzyme activity of freshwater marsh, microbial biomass carbon (MBC), dissolved organic carbon (DOC) and aboveground biomass to water gradients were studied with Carex lasiocarpaExpand
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Characteristics and Driving Forces of Wetland Changes in Middle-Lower Rreaches of Taoer River
Based on the theory of landscape ecology, it analyses the processes of wetland changes in middle-lower reaches of Taoer river between the year of 1986, 1996, 2000, and discusses the characteristic ofExpand
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Study on the Wetland Ecological and Hydrological Functions and Their Degradation Mechanisms and Countermeasures in the Middle and Lower Reaches of Nenjiang River
The wetlands of the middle and lower reaches of Nenjiang River are one of principally centralized distribution regions of natural wetlands in China,which are important to guarantee the ecologicalExpand
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Combining CORDIC algorithm and FPGA to design dual core FFT processor
In this paper, the design for a dual core FFT processor based on CORDIC algorithm is presented, can perform the high speed fixed-point real-time FFT operation. Expand
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Soil Seed Bank of Mountain Riparian Forests in Pangquangou Nature Reserve
In this paper,a research about soil seed bank of 9 typical riparian forests in Pangquangou Nature Reserve was conducted.Seeds in soil were separated by soil analysis sieves(0.5 mm),and thenExpand
Progress in the study on the function of wetland in removal phosphorus in water
The wetland function in the retention of nutrients is paid extensive attention due to the severity of the global environmental problems. Phosphorus is an important element in agricultural non-pointExpand
The Density Structure of Dominant Species in Plant Community of Riparian Zones and Its Adjacent Uplands of Wenyuhe Watershed Upstream
The population index of dominant species,such as number,density,age structure and distribution pattern,was conducive to evaluating the strength of community interference,determining the trend ofExpand
Influence of Hydrological Processes on the Spatial Distribution of Soil Nutrients in the Riparian Wetlands Buffering of Wuyu'er River
The author has analysed spatial heterogeneous characters of soil organic matter,total nitrogen(TN),total phosphorus(TP) in the vertical direction to wetland river in two sample belts in a naturalExpand
Research progress on influence of land use on wetland soil active organic carbon
Soil active organic carbon(SAOC) is an important part of wetland soil organic pool and plays an important role in the biogeochemical cycle of carbon,nitrogen and phosphorus in wetland soils.TheExpand