Guo Ying Yang

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The fluorine-containing metal naphthalocyanines [F16NcGaCl] (7) and [(F16NcGa)2O] (8), which represent the first examples of peripherally fluorine substituted naphthalocyanines, were synthesized, and the nonlinear optical transmission was studied. Peripheral substitution by fluorine atoms enhances the solubility and photostability of the naphthalocyanines.(More)
Reaction of azido(tetra-p-tolylporphyrinato)indium(III) [TTPInN(3)] and [Os(3)(mu-H)(2)(CO)(10)] in toluene at 80 degrees C overnight gave two major products, complexes 1 and 2. Complex 1 had an axial bridge of "NH", while 2 had an axial bridge of "N" between the porphyrin and osmium cluster moieties. Complex 1 could be converted to 2 when refluxed in(More)
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