Guo Xin Chen

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Azolla is an aquatic fern that has been used successfully as a dual crop with wetland rice. Rice fields are a major source of atmospheric CH4, which is an important greenhouse gas. In this study, field and laboratory experiments showed that growing Azolla as a dual crop could enhance CH4 emission from rice fields. In pot experimen indications showed that(More)
We report on 2.0-μm emission characteristic and energy transfer of Ho3+-doped tellurite glass sensitized by Tm3+ upon excitation of a conventional 808 nm laser diode. The Judd-Ofelt strength parameters, spontaneous radiative transition probabilities and radiative lifetime of Ho3+ have been calculated from the absorption spectra by using the Judd-Ofelt(More)
We report a fully relativistic close-coupling calculation of the electron impact excitation of Ni xix to derive the 3C/3D line intensity ratio, with an uncertainty of 5%. Convergence of the calculation with respect to both channel coupling effects and the many interacting Rydberg series of resonances has been achieved. New measurements in an electron beam(More)
Relativistic atomic structure calculations for electric dipole (E1), electric quadrupole (E2) and magnetic dipole (M1) transition probabilities among the first 80 fine-structure levels of Fe VI, dominated by configurations 3d, 3d4s, and 3d4p, are carried out using the Breit-Pauli version of the code SUPERSTRUCTURE. Experimental energies are used to improve(More)
Relativistic close coupling calculations are reported for unified electronic recombination of e 1 C IV including nonresonant and resonant recombination processes, radiative, and dielectronic recombination (RR and DR). Detailed benchmarking of the theoretical unified results with two recent experiments on ion storage rings [S. Mannervik et al., Phys. Rev.(More)
Laboratory and in situ experiments were done to investigate the influences of cultivation on temperate semi-arid grassland (for 17 years spring wheat planted once every two years without fertilisation) on soil N2O emission and quantitative variations of related soil microbes. In the laboratory (25 degrees C and soil moisture 18%), cultivation increased soil(More)
New theoretical results from large-scale relativistic close coupling calculations reveal the precise effect of resonances in collisional excitation of x-ray lines of Ne-like Fe XVII. By employing the Breit-Pauli R-matrix method and an 89-level eigenfunction expansion, including up to n = 4 levels, significant resonance enhancement of the collision strengths(More)
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