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Vitamin C protective role for alcoholic liver disease in mice through regulating iron metabolism
Alcoholic liver disease (ALD) is a major medical complication of drinking alcohol, and commonly accompanied with hepatic iron overload and liver injuries. Oxidative stress plays an important role inExpand
Inventor of Solid Phase Peptide Synthesis:Robert Bruce Merrifield
Solid phase peptide synthesis(SPPS) is a process by which chemical transformations can be carried out on solid support in order to synthesize peptide and protein. This idea was first conceived byExpand
Burst failure effect of mining-induced tremor on roadway surrounding rock
The seismic energy transmission modes and attenuation rules radiated by mining-induced tremor as well as the dynamic stress drop were theoretically analyzed.Using the energy and stiffness theory ofExpand
The anti-arc overlying strata structure induced mechanism and control of isolated corner coal pillar working face
In order to effectively control rock burst disaster due to the process of corner coal pillar recovery,it is available to use the theoretical analysis and numerical simulation to analyze theExpand
Tumor Suppressor Function and Mechanism of Ubiquitin Ligase FBW7
The ubiquitin-proteasome system ( UPS ) is a major regulatory pathway of protein degradation and plays an important role in cellular division,whose members are frequently aberrantly expressed inExpand
Advances on Gender Diffence to Sex Stimulation
Objective:Research of gender difference during exposure to visual sexual stimuli.Methods:Review on some new papers about gender difference.Results:Obvious sex difference in specific areas of brainExpand
Semisynthesis and Anti-oxidative Activities of Sulfated Rhizoma Chuanxiong Crude Polysaccharides
Rhizoma chuanxiong crude polysaccharides(1) was obtained by water extraction and alcohol precipitation method.The sulfated Rhizoma chuanxiong polysaccharides(2) were prepared by nucleophilicExpand
Aquaglyceroporin3-mediated glycerol transport and skin function
Aquaglyceroporin3(AQP3),a dual function water channel,can transport both water molecule and other small molecular substances such as glycerol.AQP3-mediated glycerol transport in skin is veryExpand
Analytical solution of residual stress at inflexion of retaining ring moves outside
This paper analyses the instance that the retaining ring moves outside,adopt the theory of the axisymmetry column thin shell,and constructing a displacement function,works out the analytical solutionExpand