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The closing velocity of a mechanical heart valve (MHV) leaflet has been conventionally related to the valve sound, and possibly to recently observed MHV cavitation phenomenon. Presently, the MHV leaflet terminal closing velocity has been indirectly assessed either by listening to the valve sound and/or averaging over the closing period. Leaflet motion(More)
Surface pitting of certain mechanical heart valve (MHV) explants has prompted investigation into possible causes of cavitation during MHV operation. Leaflets of a 29 mm MHV were glued shut with B-datum (BD) gaps fixed at 0.0089, 0.0174, and 0.0219 cm. Each BD gap setting was tested in a steady flow chamber, with leakage flow established at transvalvular(More)
Five laboratories carried out measurements of cavitation threshold for a common set of six mechanical prosthetic heart valves, two each from three different manufacturers. This study was intended to evaluate to what extent FDA's current guidance for cavitation testing would lead to consistent results in a variety of laboratory settings and to seek areas for(More)
An in vitro study was designed to evaluate the effect of structural compliance on cavitation threshold measurements of mechanical heart valves. Using a dual channel high speed video image analysis method, the experiment was carried out in a pulse duplicator under a single, simulated physiologic condition. Each valve was mounted on a compliance adjustable(More)
A total of 15 bileaflet mechanical heart valves were studied in a pulse duplicator at the Helmholtz Institute (Aachen, Germany) under conditions approximating first, a physiological pressure curve and subsequently, a sinusoidal pressure curve. In this study Edwards-Duromedics valves of the modified specification were compared with the earlier version of the(More)
The oscillatory flow patterns at the venous anastomosis of a hemodialysis angioaccess loop graft system were studied using two new compliant vascular prostheses: a longitudinally compliant polytetrafluoroethylene-composite (Baxter Ultraflex PTFE-Plus) graft (BA) and a radially compliant ultrafine polyester fiber (TORAY-UFPF) graft (TR). A non-compliant(More)
The dynamics of leaflet motion in heart valve prostheses (HVP), and in particular the closing velocity, is believed to be related to the valve sound and possibly to the phenomenon of valve cavitation. This paper describes a non-intrusive laser sweeping technique enabling the study of leaflet motion. The principle of measurement and the equipment involved(More)
The closing motion of the occluder leaflets in bileaflet type mechanical heart valves (MHV) was monitored with a laser sweeping technique. The angular displacements of the leaflets were registered with precision of 0.2 microsecond steps. Experimental measurements were made using five 29 mm Edwards-Duromedics including three original specification (EDOS) and(More)
OBJECTIVE To improve the effect on CO2 elimination during high frequency jet ventilation by enhancing expiratory turbulence. METHODS Nine healthy dogs with steam-induced type I respiratory failure were basically applied with high frequency jet ventilation (HFJV), and high frequency two-way jet ventilation (HFTJV), HFJV combined with thoracicoabdominal(More)
OBJECTIVE The changes in respiration cycle, ventilation volume and blood analysis after bronchoalveolar lavage(BAL) in dogs with steam induced inhalation injury were investigated to explore ways of treating inhalation injury. METHODS A bronchoscope was introduced down to the openings of the tertiary-quarternary bronchioles, and controlled volume BAL with(More)