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A novel pilot-assistant DOA estimation algorithm is presented based on the Butler matrix. The orthogonal channel code is used to avoid the correlation between the desired signal and the interference. The algorithm is combined of a rough estimation stage and an accurate estimation stage which are mostly fulfilled by hardware. It approaches the DOA of the(More)
A new blind beamforming algorithm to fast track mobile nodes is proposed in this paper. The relationship between the direction of the nodes and the weight vector of the beamforming algorithm is deduced. Utilizing the continuity of the nodes' trail in ad hoc network, the new method could initially estimate the direction of the nodes at the following moments(More)
Mobile cloud computing is a novel computing model, which integrates the cloud computing into the mobile environment and overcomes obstacles related to the performance, environment and security discussed in mobile computing. For a mobile cloud computing application system (MCCS), reliable components substitution is an important issue for troubleshooting and(More)
Weapon-target assignment problem (WTA) was described and its mathematic model was established. Ant colony algorithm (ACA) was introduced briefly, aiming at its defects, the strategy to select the next node was improved. Crossover and mutation in GAs were introduced into ACA, and the search space was opened up. A novel and equivalence method was proposed for(More)
In this paper, a new algorithm to fast estimate moving nodes in ad-hoc network was proposed. Instead of the independent estimation at different time of the conditional DOA algorithms, we take full use of the previous results to provide the latter information on the DOA of the nodes, which could greatly speed up the following estimations. Therefore, the(More)
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