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Machine learning is an effective method, whose aim is recognize unknown samples through learning from known samples. At present, artificial neural network (ANN), support vector machine (SVM) and genetic algorithm (GA) are the most popular machine learning methods, but they all have some defects as well as some merits. In this paper, a new machine(More)
Compressed sensing is a new field that arose as a response to inefficient traditional signal acquisition schemes. Under the assumption that the signal of interest is sparse, one wishes to take a small number of linear samples and later utilize a reconstruction algorithm to accurately recover the compressed signal. Typically, one assumes the signal is sparse(More)
With the development of computer network and widely used of Internet, online information increases in broadband level exponentially, the difficulty and complexity of information retrieval also increase gradually, so the Crawler is developing rapidly. Crawler is a program that can auto collect information from internet. In this paper, we design and implement(More)
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