Guo-Song Jiang

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AIM To investigate the mechanisms underlying the inhibitory effect of gambogic acid (GA) on TNF-α-induced metastasis of human prostate cancer PC3 cells in vitro. METHODS TNF-α-mediated migration and invasion of PC3 cells was examined using migration and invasion assays, respectively. NF-κB transcriptional activity and nuclear translocation were analyzed(More)
Network intrusion detection is one of the hottest research issues on the network security recently. In the paper, three kinds intrusion detection model are introduced. By using Bayesian methods, Fuzzy Decision Engine and Immunity-Based Model, we can improve the performance of intrusion detection system and effectively reduce the false positive alarm. Based(More)
This paper discusses I/O architecture and key techniques of RAID controller. The main target is insert the request of the RAID module which have split user request into single disk R/D into corresponding I/O disk queue. According the priority and read/write characteristic, we adjust the requests order in response request queue or combination the(More)
In this paper, the file system principles and RAID algorithm were studied in Linux, current MD driver and RAID performance were anglicized in detail, achieved a RAID algorithm in the field of multimedia applications, this algorithm enhanced the RAID server to read performance effectively, broke i386 operating system's 4K paging limit, used the new pile of(More)
Scheduling strategy of storage device is the main study issues about storage systems, and scheduling strategy affect I/O response time and equipment utilization. The operating mode about integrated parallel storage devices is different from a single storage mode, thus its scheduling strategy is clearly different from the individual storage devices. In this(More)
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