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A passive scheme is developed to achieve frame duplication detection for videos in the paper. The proposed scheme is a coarse-to-fine approach and composed of candidate clip selection, spatial correlation calculation, and frame duplication classification. To screen duplicated candidates in the temporal domain, the histogram difference of two adjacent frames(More)
Picture quality and statistical undetectability are two key issues related to steganography techniques. In this paper, we propose a closed-loop iterative computing framework that enhances image steganographic schemes with picture quality optimization and anti-steganalysis. To achieve our goal, an anti-steganalysis tester and a controller based on a(More)
In this paper, we proposed a quality enhancement scheme to deal with low- and high-exposure images. The proposed scheme is composed of three parts: face detection, dominate color detection, and quality enhancement. After face detection, dominant color detection is used to compute the color information of the detected facial area. A simple rule is used to(More)
In the paper, we proposed a mass detection method based on texture analysis and neural classifier. The proposed mass detection method is composed of two parts: ROI selection, feature extraction, and neural classifier. ROI selection is used to reduce the computational complexity of the proposed scheme. In the texture analysis, the intensity and texture(More)
In this paper, the authors propose a watermarking scheme that embeds both image-dependent and fixed-part marks for dual protection (content authentication and copyright claim) of JPEG images. To achieve the goals of efficiency, imperceptibility, and robustness, a compressed-domain informed embedding algorithm, which incorporates the Lagrangian multiplier(More)
In this paper, a prescription-based error concealment (PEC) method is proposed. PEC relies on pre-analyses of the concealment error image (CEI) for I-frames and the optimal error concealment scheme for P-frames at encoder side. CEI is used to enhance the image quality at decoder side after error concealment (by spatial interpolation or zero motion) of the(More)
A statistical feature-based scheme is proposed to identify the data hiding domain of an embedded signal in this research. Two phenomena are observed for images before and after data hiding. First, the gradient energy increases as the continuity of gray levels between adjacent pixels is disturbed by the embedded signal. Second, the statistical variance of(More)