Guo S. Yang

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A wideband differential bandpass filter (BPF) with differential mode passband and common mode suppression is proposed and implemented on microstrip lines for wideband application in this letter. The initial BPF is similar to a single ring resonator with two unequal feed lines which have 180◦ separation and T-shaped stubs are loaded on the ring resonator to(More)
Cross-language transfer speech recognition aims to transform phoneme models for a source language to recognize a target language lacking labeled data and other linguistic resources. In this paper, sparse auto-encoder, a deep learning method, is introduced to derive shared speech features between source and target language using semi-supervised learning. It(More)
Compact symmetrical four-ports differential bandpass filters with good common-mode suppressions are proposed in this work. The presented filters are designed based on half-wavelength coupled resonators with compact size, good filtering responses for differentialmode, and wide common-mode suppression range. To further improve the common-mode performances(More)
In this paper, a simple method to design even-order dual-behaviour resonators (DBR) filters is proposed. First, by implementing admittance inverters, the conventional asymmetrical prototype is transformed into a new symmetrical prototype; also, the source and load resistances are equal. Second, a new analytical method for DBR to extract equivalent circuit(More)
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