Guo-Peng Hua

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OBJECTIVE To examine whether the selectivity of visual cortical neurons to stimulus spatial frequencies would be affected by aging in cats. METHODS In vivo extracellular single-unit recording techniques were employed to record the tuning responses of V1 neurons to different stimulus spatial frequencies in old and young adult cats. RESULTS Statistical(More)
Psychophysical experiments on human and animal subjects have proven that aged individuals show significantly reduced visual contrast sensitivity compared with young adults. To uncover the possible neural mechanisms, we used extracellular single-unit recording techniques to examine the response of V(1) (primary visual cortex) neurons as a function of visual(More)
Previous studies have shown that visual cortical neurons in old mammals exhibit higher spontaneous activity, higher responsiveness to visual stimuli, and lower selectivity for stimulus orientations and motion directions than did neurons in young adult counterparts. However, whether the responsive difference in cortical neurons between young and old animals(More)
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