Guo-Min Xu

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BACKGROUND Salmonella paratyphi C, like S. typhi, is adapted to humans and causes typhoid fever. Previously we reported different genome structures between two strains of S. paratyphi C, which suggests that S. paratyphi C might have a plastic genome (large DNA segments being organized in different orders or orientations on the genome). As many but not all(More)
In the title polymeric compound, [Cd(C(8)H(3)NO(6))(C(10)H(8)N(2))](n), two O atoms from both carboxyl-ate groups of a nitro-phthalate anion coordinate to the Cd(II) cation, forming a seven-membered chelate ring and two carboxyl-ate O atoms from another two nitro-phthalate anions and a 2,2'-bipyridine ligand coordinate to the Cd cation to complete the(More)
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