Guo-Liang Shentu

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Quantum key distribution is proven to offer unconditional security in communication between two remote users with ideal source and detection. Unfortunately, ideal devices never exist in practice and device imperfections have become the targets of various attacks. By developing up-conversion single-photon detectors with high efficiency and low noise, we(More)
We demonstrate a photon-counting optical time-domain reflectometry with 42.19 dB dynamic range using an ultra-low noise up-conversion single photon detector. By employing the long-wave pump technique and a volume Bragg grating, we achieve a noise equivalent power of -139.7 dBm/√Hz for our detector. We perform the OTDR experiments using a fiber of length(More)
We demonstrate up-conversion single-photon detection for the 1550-nm telecommunications band using a PPLN waveguide, long-wavelength pump, and narrowband filtering using a volume Bragg grating. We achieve total-system detection efficiency of around 30% with noise at the dark-count level of a Silicon APD. Based on the new detector, a single-pixel(More)
We have demonstrated upconversion detection at the single photon level in the 2 μm spectral window using a pump wavelength near 1550 nm, a periodically poled lithium niobate (PPLN) waveguide, and a volume Bragg grating (VBG) to reduce noise. We achieve a system photon detection efficiency of 10%, with a noise count rate of 24,500 counts per second,(More)
Quantum cryptography holds promise for communication schemes that are, in theory, perfectly secure. But in the last few years, hackers have exploited security loopholes to crack some of the most sophisticated quantum encryption systems. Fortunately, two new papers in Physical Review Letters, one by Allison Rubenok, at the Institute for Quantum Science &(More)
Up-conversion single photon detector (UCSPD) has been widely used in many research fields including quantum key distribution, lidar, optical time domain reflectrometry, and deep space communication. For the first time in laboratory, we have developed an integrated four-channel all-fiber UCSPD which can work in both free-running and gate modes. This compact(More)
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