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Protein phosphorylation plays a fundamental role in most of the cellular regulatory pathways. Experimental identification of protein kinases' (PKs) substrates with their phosphorylation sites is labor-intensive and often limited by the availability and optimization of enzymatic reactions. Recently, large-scale analysis of the phosphoproteome by the mass(More)
The present study aims to evaluate the effects of pterostilbene on lipopolysaccharide (LPS)-induced learning and memory impairment as well as the possible changes of microglia and neurons. Firstly, learning and memory function was investigated by behavioral tests. Pterostilbene attenuated LPS-induced learning and memory impairment tested by Y-maze and(More)
—With the proliferation of portable computing devices and ascending popularity of group-oriented computing, wireless ad hoc network multicasting remains a challenging research subject. While Virtual Multicast Backbone (VMB) structure are commonly used in current multicast protocols, this paper focuses on the construction of the optimal VMB with the fewest(More)
The super edge-connectivity λ of a connected graph G is the minimum cardinality of an edge-cut F in G such that every component of G − F contains at least two vertices. (K 2 ×G 2) = min{n 2 , 2λ 2 }, which generalizes the main result of Shieh on the super edge-connectedness of the Cartesian product of two regular graphs with maximum edge-connectivity. In(More)
Because of the high calculation cost and poor performance of a traditional planar map when dealing with complicated indoor geographic information, a WiFi fingerprint indoor positioning system cannot be widely employed on a smartphone platform. By making full use of the hardware sensors embedded in the smartphone, this study proposes an integrated approach(More)