Guo-Jun Wang

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Acute pancreatitis is an inflammatory disease of the pancreas. The etiology and pathogenesis of acute pancreatitis have been intensively investigated for centuries worldwide. Many causes of acute pancreatitis have been discovered, but the pathogenetic theories are controversial. The most common cause of acute pancreatitis is gallstone impacting the distal(More)
The existence and composition of the lateral ligaments of the rectum (LLR) are still the subjects of anatomical confusion and surgical misconception up to now. Since Miles proposed abdominoperineal excision as radical surgery for rectal cancer, the identification by "hooking them on the finger" has been accepted by many surgeons with no doubt; clamping,(More)
This paper focuses on the continuity problem of fully implicational triple I methods for fuzzy reasoning. Based on the residual implications generated by continuous triangular norms, the residual implication generated by nilpotent minimum with the standard negation and the Zadeh implication, respectively, continuity and uniform continuity properties of(More)
Survivability refers to the ability of a network system to fulfill critical services in a timely manner to end users in the presence of failures and/or attacks. In order to establish a highly survivable system, it is necessary to measure its survivability to evaluate the performance of the system’s services under adverse conditions. According to(More)