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BACKGROUND Glucagon-like peptide-1 and its receptor agonist-exendin-4 (Ex-4) have been shown to provide beneficial effects for cardiovascular diseases. This study investigated the effects of Ex-4 on ischemia-induced ventricular arrhythmias in rats. METHODS Anesthetized male rats were once treated with Ex-4 (5 μg/kg, i.v.) 1 h before ischemia in the(More)
PURPOSE Th-cytokines play important roles in dacryoadenitis associated with Sjögren's syndrome (SS). The aims of this study were to (i) investigate whether interleukin (IL)-17, a newly identified Th-cytokine, participates in autoimmune dacryoadenitis of MRL/lpr mice and (ii) examine the relationships among IL-17, IL-4, and interferon (IFN)-γ in these mice.(More)
Purple potatoes were used as raw material to study the purple potato wine production process and antioxidant activity. This paper analyzed different fermentation time, fermentation temperature, yeast inoculum, initial pH, the initial sugar content on alcohol and anthocyanin contents of purple potato wine by single factor experiments and response surface(More)
There are many identical cascaded power units in voltage sourced converter (VSC) based on cascaded H-bridge or cascaded half-bridge, and the capacitor voltage balance is an important issue in them. The capacitor voltage in every power unit should be monitored on-line, which needs a versatile system to collect capacitor voltage. This paper proposes an(More)
Video object (VO) is an important concept in MPEG4. For objects can be easily manipulated without visible distortion, the copyright protection of video objects becomes an important issue. This paper presents a watermarking scheme for video objects. Different from other methods, the proposed scheme employed Inertia EUipse to achieve fast synchronization(More)
We present a new empirical C-band cross-polarization ocean backscatter model for high wind retrievals, from ENVISAT-ASAR. The model relates normalized radar cross section (NRCS) in cross-polarization (VV/VH) to the wind speed at 10-m height. This wind retrieval model has the remarkable characteristic that it is independent of SAR radar incidence angles or(More)
The paper proposes an object detection algorithm based on the deformable part models, and integrates the idea of global and local information to improve the accuracy and robustness of target detection. Firstly, we train the pyramid HOG feature of the sample images and get the feature representation containing the root model, component model and the(More)
This paper proposes a mathematical model for supply chain versus supply chain competition with customer preference. The model is based on stochastic user equilibrium and spatial price equilbirum theory with customer choice preference given by Logit model. We present a numerical example for illustrative purpose and provide conclusion remarks.
During the transmission of date based on Date-Centric Publish-Subscribe mechanism, propagation delay could lead to subscriber's data loss is a problem. Proposed to implement the system clock with a network master clock within the time synchronization, Strategy combined with time stamp to find as time delay caused loss of data subscribers, using the topic(More)