Guo-Heng Luo

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"Cloud computing" has been popular in recent years, more and more service provider proposed cloud services especially cloud storage service. However, one of the worrying problems is data security. in this thesis, we proposed a whole service named SSTreasury+ which includes encryption application and cloud storage service. the user's data before uploading to(More)
Nowadays, the authentication methods of physical access control such as key, smart card, and OTP (One Time Password) card require extra hardware, and it is not easy to be aware of if they are lost because of the low using rate. Nowadays, mobile phone is one of the most common used and carry-on device. It would be detected in a shorter time when a mobile(More)
Bees Algorithm is a population-based method that is a computational bound algorithm whose inspired by the natural behavior of honey bees to finds a near-optimal solution for the search problem. Recently, many parallel swarm based algorithms have been developed for running on GPU (Graphic Processing Unit). Since nowadays developing a parallel Bee Algorithm(More)
The Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) is used to solve the storage problem of huge data, but does not provide a handling mechanism of duplicate files. In this study, the middle layer file system in the HBASE virtual architecture is used to do File Deduplicate in HDFS, with two architectures proposed according to different requires of the applied(More)
To guarantee quality of the service, services need to be tested to ensure the service quality. But most of existing testing service can't provide multi-type testing and deploy testing clients concurrently in different regions. To overcome these problems, in this paper, a cloud testing service combine cloud computing and multi-testing tools is proposed.(More)
Human has entered the "cloud age" today, many resources can be put into cloud for further using and exploit. However, putting confidential data or private data to the public cloud has the security issue. Moreover, the construction cost of typical cloud storage is too high and need a lot of management effort of hardware, which is not affordable by person,(More)
With the popularization of the Data-Over-Cable Service Interface Specifications (DOCSIS) product, many devices have been installed in client sides. the issue of how to maintain the quality while providing quick repair becomes more and more important. in some practical circumstances, the cable modem may lose the factory data which include the calibration(More)
In the traditional instructional method used in international trade, teachers provide knowledge to learners by lecturing using slides and setting assignments; however, these methods merely deliver international trade knowledge rather than facilitating student development of relevant skills. To solve these problems, we proposed a simulationbased learning(More)