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Research on a novel genetic algorithm based on adaptive evolution in dual population
An improved genetic algorithm based on adaptive evolution in dual population (DPAGA) is proposed. Expand
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Three-phase hybrid filter algorithm based on wavelet analysis and intelligent compensation
The control methods of traditional power filter are analyzed and the intelligent compensation factor is introduced to the control method of hybrid filter to suppress the effect of grid parameters onExpand
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Face detection using Gabor wavelet and SVM
A face detection approach based on Gabor wavelet and support vector machine is proposed. Expand
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The Unified Method Analyzing Convergence of Genetic Algorithms
This paper models the homogeneous finite Markov chain of the best individuals in the populations. Based on the limit distribution of transition probability that any state on the chain transfers intoExpand
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Estimating average convergence velocity of genetic algorithms
The description of mutation and crossover operators independent of representation of solutions is formulized. The precisely quantitative Markov chain model of populations of a genetic algorithm isExpand
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A Multi-objective Genetic Algorithm Based on Elite Seed Strategy
When one or more optimal solutions are known in multi-objective optimization in engineering practice,it is often required to obtain some highly dense Pareto optimal solutions in some specificExpand
Study on Virtual Network Laboratory Based on Virtual Instrument
With the development of the Network,more and more institutes have set up network course,but limit to difference of themselves,some institutes lack experiment condition which impacted students abilityExpand
Procurement optimization from multiple suppliers with periodic and total order constraints under stochastic and non-stationary demands
Multi-supplier and multi-period order allocation with periodic and total order constrtaints is addressed. Expand
Genetic drift analysis of generalized crossover
Genetic drift from conventional crossover and recombination operators, is analyzed theoretically. By analyzing the frequency of dominant allele, it is proved that diagonal crossover and uniformExpand
Genetic Drift Analysis of Recombination
Genetic drift in evolutionary computation, which results from the selection pressure, sampling error and recombination, drives the population to converge to a single individual uniformly, thusExpand
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