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Prorocentrum is a common dinoflagellate genus along the Chinese seacoast, which frequently causes harmful algal blooms. Efforts to understand and prevent blooms caused by these harmful species require the development of methods for rapid and precise identification and quantification so that an adequate early warning of harmful algal blooms may be given.(More)
Prorocentrum donghaiense is a dinoflagellate with a high frequency of bloom formation in the East China Sea. These blooms harm coastal ecosystems, marine fisheries, aquatic environments, and public health. Therefore, new and rapid methods that accurately process and specifically detect this alga are crucial to facilitate long-term monitoring or to provide(More)
Warning and monitoring projects of harmful algal blooms require simple and rapid methods for simultaneous and accurate detection and identification of causative algae present in the environmental samples. Here, reverse dot blot hybridization (RDBH) was employed to simultaneously detect several harmful algae by using five representative bloom-forming(More)
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