Guo Fu Chen

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BACKGROUND Schistosomiasis japonica is a zoonotic parasitic disease and oral vaccine delivery system would be benefit for prevention of this disease. Although attenuated salmonella has been used as an antigen expression vector for oral vaccine development, the membrane-bound vacuoles in which bacteria reside hinders the presentation of expressed(More)
The aim of the present study was to develop a new cell modification method to facilitate the cell separation from broth. In order to reduce the transfer limitation of substrate and product caused by general immobilization methods in the following biotransformation of glycerol, the carboxyl-functioned superparamagnetic nanoparticle (MNP) was directly(More)
The PNP/6-methylpurine 2′-deoxyriboside (6MePdR) system is an efficient gene-directed enzyme prodrug therapy system with significant antitumor activities. In this system, Escherichia coli purine nucleoside phosphorylase (ePNP) activates nontoxic 6MePdR into potent antitumor drug 6-methylpurine (6MeP). The Salmonella typhimurium PNP (sPNP) gene has a 96-%(More)
The cellulose sulfate (CS) is a newly developed cellulose derivative. The work aimed to investigate the effect of oleic acid (OA) content on properties of CS-OA film. The process of oleic acid dispersion into film was described to evaluate its effect on the properties of the film. Among the formulations evaluated, the OA addition decreased the solubility(More)
Prorocentrum is a common dinoflagellate genus along the Chinese seacoast, which frequently causes harmful algal blooms. Efforts to understand and prevent blooms caused by these harmful species require the development of methods for rapid and precise identification and quantification so that an adequate early warning of harmful algal blooms may be given.(More)
α-Ketoglutarate (α-KG), one of short-chain carboxylates of high commercial relevance, has been widely used in food, medicine, chemical, and cosmetic fields. Compared to other carboxylates, α-KG occupies key positions in the tricarboxylate cycle (TCA cycle) and amino acid metabolic pathway, the over-accumulation of α-KG is restricted both by tighter carbon(More)
Prorocentrum donghaiense is a dinoflagellate with a high frequency of bloom formation in the East China Sea. These blooms harm coastal ecosystems, marine fisheries, aquatic environments, and public health. Therefore, new and rapid methods that accurately process and specifically detect this alga are crucial to facilitate long-term monitoring or to provide(More)
Candida krusei is osmotolerant yeast used for the production of glycerol. Addition of osmolyte such as NaCl into culture medium can increase the production of glycerol from glucose, but osmolytes may burden the glycerol separation. A coencapsulation method was suggested to create local extracellular hyperosmotic stress for glycerol accumulation. Firstly,(More)
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