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We experimentally demonstrate a tunable hybrid qubit in a five-electron GaAs double quantum dot. The qubit is encoded in the (1,4) charge regime of the double dot and can be manipulated completely electrically. More importantly, dot anharmonicity leads to quasiparallel energy levels and a new anticrossing, which help preserve quantum coherence of the qubit(More)
Universal multiple-qubit gates can be implemented by a set of universal single-qubit gates and any one kind of entangling two-qubit gate, such as a controlled-NOT gate. For semiconductor quantum dot qubits, two-qubit gate operations have so far only been demonstrated in individual electron spin-based quantum dot systems. Here we demonstrate the conditional(More)
Strong coupling between two qubits is one of the main requirements for high fidelity two-qubit logic operations. Here we experimentally investigate the capacitive coupling between two double quantum dots. A pair of open slot confinement gates is used to enhance the coupling. We find that the coupling energy J can be conveniently tuned in a broad range.(More)
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