Guo-Dong Yu

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Introgression from soybean cultivars to its wild progenitor species is an interesting antidromic recombination in natural ecosystem with many consequences, including the alteration of genetic diversity, the origin of semi-wild soybean, and implication for biosafety of the wild progenitor species with future release of the genetically modified varieties.(More)
Fertility alternation normally occurs in a novel type of thermo-photo-sensitive genic male sterile (TGMS) wheat whose recessive genes in the nucleus are expressed as virtually complete sterility under lower temperature and shorter daylight conditions, but as normal fertility under higher temperature and longer daylight conditions during the developmental(More)
: Electron transport properties in an armchair graphene nanoribbon are theoretically investigated by considering the presence of line defect. It is found that the line defect causes the abundant Fano effects and bound state in continuum (BIC) in the electron transport process, which are tightly dependent on the width of the nanoribbon. By plotting the(More)
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