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As the spread of broadband internet access, the online Internet video becomes popular in our daily life. The search engine is an important tool for users to access online video, resulting in considerable traffic on the video websites. In this work, we statistically analyze the video access log provided by a large scale video search engine, and validate that(More)
Architecture of skeletal muscle can change significantly during body motion, which can be observed in vivo during contraction using ultrasonography noninvasively and in real-time. Yet gender differences are paid little attention to in most current studies on muscle architecture using ultrasonography. In this study, thickness of muscle and fat is compared(More)
Electroacupuncture (EA) is often used in China for treatment of muscle spasticity in post-stroke patients, however the duration of EA stimulation is decided subjectively currently since there is no objective means of outcome monitoring for EA. To explore a potential prompt monitoring technique for EA, inertial sensor system is used in this study on tibialis(More)
The quantification of human muscle contraction is required by many biomechanical studies. Ultrasound imaging has been widely used to study muscle function for decades, and morphological parameters, such as muscle fiber length, muscle thickness, pennation angle and cross sectional area, have been used to reflect muscle contraction. However, few details(More)
TC35 based on Siemens GSM wireless communication module and STC microcontroller debugging system is introduced in this paper. The basic functions of TC35 settings is mainly described. The control for the TC35 module is realized via the serial communication between the MCU and TC35 board. That is, according to information received by TC35 module, through the(More)
The Web Access to Digital Imaging and Communication in Medicine (DICOM) Persistent Objects (WADO) standard specifies a Web-based service for accessing and presenting DICOM persistent objects, such as images and medical imaging reports. This paper analyzes the image transferring mechanism of the WADO service and proposes to extend its abilities by accessing(More)
In this article, we demonstrate a piezoelectric micromachined diaphragm device based on PMN-PT single crystal thin layer. The electrical properties of the device are characterized. A finite element analysis is carried out for the fabricated model. Harmonic analysis is performed to investigate the vibrational modalities of the diaphragm. The FEA results show(More)
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