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As the spread of broadband internet access, the online Internet video becomes popular in our daily life. The search engine is an important tool for users to access online video, resulting in considerable traffic on the video websites. In this work, we statistically analyze the video access log provided by a large scale video search engine, and validate that(More)
Blood-Brain Barrier (BBB) can be opened locally, noninvasively and reversibly by low frequency focused ultra-sound (FUS) in the presence of microbubbles. In this study, Evans blue (EB) dye extravasation across BBB was enhanced by 1 MHz FUS at acoustic pressure of 0.35 MPa in the presence of microbubbles at clinically comparable dosage. The spatial(More)
In this article, we demonstrate a piezoelectric micromachined diaphragm device based on PMN-PT single crystal thin layer. The electrical properties of the device are characterized. A finite element analysis is carried out for the fabricated model. Harmonic analysis is performed to investigate the vibrational modalities of the diaphragm. The FEA results show(More)
In Mandarin language speaking, some consonant and vowel pairs are hard to be distinguished and pronounced clearly even for some native speakers. This study investigates the signal distance between consonants compared in pairs from the signal processing point of view to reveal the correlation of signal distance and consonant pronunciation. Some popular(More)
Architecture of skeletal muscle can change significantly during body motion, which can be observed in vivo during contraction using ultrasonography noninvasively and in real-time. Yet gender differences are paid little attention to in most current studies on muscle architecture using ultrasonography. In this study, thickness of muscle and fat is compared(More)
Imaging or therapeutic agents larger than the blood-brain barrier's (BBB) exclusion threshold of 400 Da could be delivered locally, non-invasively and reversibly by focused ultrasound (FUS) with circulating microbubbles. The size of agents is an important factor to the delivery outcome using this method. Liposomes are important drug carriers with(More)