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As the spread of broadband internet access, the online Internet video becomes popular in our daily life. The search engine is an important tool for users to access online video, resulting in considerable traffic on the video websites. In this work, we statistically analyze the video access log provided by a large scale video search engine, and validate that(More)
Polybutylcyanoacrylate nanoparticles (PBCA-NP) were prepared by addition of the monomer to an aqueous phase containing dextran 70 and loaded with mitomycin C (MMC-PBCA-NP), a highly effective anticancer drug. When injected into mice, MMC-PBCA-NP accumulated more in the liver than did free MMC. In contrast, MMC-PBCA-NP accumulated less in the heart and(More)
Among all the existing objective measures, few are able to provide a clearly specific indication of speech distortion or noise reduction, which are the two key metrics to assess the performance of speech enhancement algorithms and evaluate the noise-suppressed speech quality. In this paper, new quantitative quality assessments are proposed to separately(More)
Blood-Brain Barrier (BBB) can be opened locally, noninvasively and reversibly by low frequency focused ultra-sound (FUS) in the presence of microbubbles. In this study, Evans blue (EB) dye extravasation across BBB was enhanced by 1 MHz FUS at acoustic pressure of 0.35 MPa in the presence of microbubbles at clinically comparable dosage. The spatial(More)
Imaging or therapeutic agents larger than the blood-brain barrier's (BBB) exclusion threshold of 400 Da could be delivered locally, non-invasively and reversibly by focused ultrasound (FUS) with circulating microbubbles. The size of agents is an important factor to the delivery outcome using this method. Liposomes are important drug carriers with(More)