Guo Chao Peng

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Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to develop a risk identification checklist for facilitating user companies to surface, organise and manage potential risks associated with the post-adoption of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. Design/methodology/approach – A desktop study, based on the process of a critical literature review, was conducted(More)
Purpose – The purpose of the study reported in this paper was to identify, assess and explore potential risks that Chinese companies may encounter when using, maintaining and enhancing their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems in the post-implementation phase. Design/methodology/approach – The study adopted a deductive research design based on a(More)
AIM To identify the relationship between DNA hyper-methylation and histone modification at a hyperme-thylated, silenced tumor suppressor gene promoter in human gastric cancer cell lines and to elucidate whether alteration of DNA methylation could affect histone modification. METHODS We used chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP) assay to assess the status(More)
Oligochitosan (OC) can regulate plant defense responses in many aspects, but the basic signal transduction pathway is still unclear. In this study, we used transgenic (TG) tobacco (Nicotiana Tabacum var. Samsun NN) as plant material whose oligochitosan induced protein kinase (OIPK) gene was inhibited by antisense transformation, to study the role of OIPK in(More)
To determine a possible function of histone modifications in stomach carcinogenesis, we analyzed global and MGMT-promoter levels of di-methyl-H3-K9, di-methyl-H3-K4 and acetyl-H3-K9, as well as MGMT DNA methylation and mRNA expression following treatment with 5-aza-2' -deoxycytidine and/or Trichostatin A. We found that histone H3-K9 di-methylation, H3-K4(More)
In the course of gastric cancer development, gene silencing by DNA hypermethylation is an important mechanism. While DNA methylation often co-exists with histone modifications to regulate gene expression, the function of histone modifications in gene silencing in gastric cancer has not been evaluated in detail. p16, a well-known tumor suppressor gene, is(More)
Energy and bandwidth constraint have been the bottleneck of sensor network applications in years. We work on how to decide the sensor nodes density to guarantee a full coverage and reduce redundancy sensor nodes to reduce energy consumption in a large-scale 3D sensor network. A coverage algorithm using specified 3D network model is proposed and it solves(More)
Cervical cancer is the third most common cancer and the fourth leading cause of cancer deaths among women in the world. The discovery of vital diagnostic and therapeutic markers against cervical squamous cell carcinoma (CSCC) would broaden our understanding on the molecular basis of CSCC. In this study, we thoroughly analyzed the transcriptome of CSCC and(More)
The research reported in this paper aimed to identify and explore potential barriers and risks that can affect successful exploitation of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems in Chinese companies. A barrier and risk ontology was established from a critical literature review process. In order to examine this theoretical model, the study employed a(More)